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At this time, the penis lengthens, but its hardness does not increase; During the phase of increasing ivermectin, there is a rapid increase in volumetric blood flow 20-60 times, compared with the resting phase, and at the end of this phase, the outflow of blood decreases; Full ivermectin phase. It has been shown that in mammals the outflow is reduced by 100 times, and with the "flowering" of physiological ivermectin, the pressure in the penis is only 10-15 mm. below the systolic arterial, the outflow of blood is sharply reduced and the pressure is "locked"; After reaching the maximum ivermectin, this pressure is held as long as necessary to produce intercourse and achieve ejaculation.

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At this time, there is a stage of rigid, unchanging ivermectin; In the phase of transition to relaxation and decrease in ivermectin, or initial detumescence, the incoming volumetric blood flow first decreases, sympathetic tone rises, and then the "sluices" or channels of venous outflow open; In the final phase, a rapid decrease in pressure occurs, the inflow returns to the baseline, and the mechanism of venous occlusion is completely relaxed.

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In the XX century, and especially in its beginning and middle, it was believed that almost all options for the development of erectile dysfunction are caused by one or another psychological reason. Without denying this role, it should be said that with the introduction of imaging diagnostic methods (primarily CT and MRI angiography) into clinical practice, the number of organic lesions that can lead to erectile dysfunction has significantly increased.

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